A Dying Man’s Wish

Erin Walsh is dying. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six to eight months to live … more than eight months ago. His wish is that he’ll be exonerated in the 1975 murder of Melvin “Chi Chi” Peters before death catches up with him.

In 2005, Walsh took advantage of access to information laws in New Brunswick, Canada to get a look at his original case file. There he found a number of documents never disclosed to his defense attorneys. Among them were statements from rail workers corroborating Walsh’s claim that he pleaded for their help shortly before the shooting, and police notes on an overheard conversation between two of Peter’s friends conspiring to put the blame for the shooting on Walsh.

While the Crown has conceded that a miscarriage of justice took place, they have not yet completely exonerated Walsh. A hearing is scheduled for March 14 during which both sides will present arguments. Hopefully that won’t be too late for Walsh to get his wish.