Homolka Wants a Media Ban

Karla Homolka is afraid. “I believe some people wish to do the public a favour by killing me,” the schoolgirl-killer said in an affidavit. So she asked the courts to ban all media and public mention of her.

While there may be legitimate concerns about her security, there’s also the concern for public safety. Some psychologists who have examined her believe she may reoffend.

There’s also some doubt about her real fears. Tim Danson, the lawyer for the families of two of Homolka’s victims, questioned whether she’s just playing a role. “What we don’t know is whether this is simply part of Karla Homolka being the master manipulator to change the focus from the real problem — the threat she poses to public safety — by trying to portray herself as the victim.”

Not surprisingly, the Quebec Superior Court, which heard the request, rejected it. Justice Paul-Marcel Bellavance of Quebec Superior Court ruled that granting the injunction would be a danger to freedom of the press. Of course, Homolka’s lawyers will appeal.

Even if the court had passed the injunction, it would have been unenforceable. The Quebec court would have no jurisdiction over the rest of Canada, let alone the rest of the world, including the Internet.