Would a Serial Killer Lie to You?

In an interview with police, Paul Bernardo, one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers, insists he’s not a liar. Yes, he admits he made some mistakes in the past (like kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering two teenage girls) but he denies lying about anything.

Police have re-opened their investigation into the murder of Elizabeth Bain in June of 1990. Originally, Bain’s boyfriend, Robert Baltovich had been convicted for the crime, but he was acquitted earlier this year after Crown attorneys conceded they had no case against him. Now suspicion centers on Paul Bernardo, who terrorized Bain’s neighborhood between 1987 and 1990 as the “Scarborough rapist.”

When asked by police if he murdered the young woman in June of 1990, Bernardo replies, “Well, that’s a loaded question. I mean, are we going to go back and go through the time sequence of what happened in my life? I mean I could just give a yes or no answer. But you know, there are a lot of issues about that.”

Eventually, after complaining about police procedures, Bernardo says, “Anyways the answer to that is no. But the 800 pound gorilla in a room — that’s a life-25 sentence, you know. It really comes down to credibility.”

Credibility indeed.