Arizona boy may not be prosecuted after all

Prosecutors want to drop one of the murder charges against the 8-year-old boy from Arizona I told you about last week.

According to police, the boy confessed to killing his father, Vincent Romero, and his father’s friend, Tim Romans, with a .22-caliber handgun.

This confession came 45 minutes into an interrogation by police with no relatives or legal counsel present, only after the boy initially explained how he found the men dead, and only after police suggest the boy committed the shooting himself by accident. On portions of the video released by the media it sounds like the boy is simply parroting with what the officers are telling him.

Now the Apache County prosecutors want to drop the charge for the murder of the boy’s father. In a one-paragraph motion filed in juvenile court, the prosecutors said that “the state believes the interest of justice will be served by such a dismissal.”

No explanation was given for the decision, and there’s no word yet on the charge for Romans’ murder.