Does he know where the bodies are?

Scott Kimball has a long history with disappearances.

In 2002, Kimball was in jail for writing bad checks. While there he offered authorities information about his cellmate, Steven Ennis, whom police suspected of being involved in a drug ring. In return for Kimball’s services as an informant, the FBI released him and began paying him for information. The next year, 2003, Kimball was supposed to provide the FBI with information about Ennis’ former girlfriend and exotic dancer, Jennifer Marcum, when Marcum disappeared. She’s never been seen since.

Kimball’s 19 year old step-daughter, Kaysi McLeod, also disappeared in 2003, after getting a ride to work with Kimball. A hunter found her body in 2007.

Also in 2003, Leann Emry disappeared shortly after leaving on a camping trip. Earlier this year FBI agents found Emry’s body after Kimball was taken out of prison to help them search.

In 2004, Scott Kimball’s uncle, Terry Kimball, disappeared. At the time, Scott Kimball reported that his uncle had won a lottery and traveled to Mexico with a stripper. But earlier this year he told police where they could find Terry Kimball’s body.

Scott Kimball is already serving a 48 year sentence for theft and repeat criminal convictions. When that’s done, he’ll serve a 70 month sentence on firearms charges. But he likely will never serve time for the murders and disappearances of the people mentioned. He got a deal in exchange for revealing the locations of the bodies, allowing the victims families some closure. Without his cooperation, authorities probably wouldn’t have enough evidence to convict him.