Homolka and Bernardo Pointing Fingers

After 12 years in prison for the kidnapping, rape, and murder of two schoolgirls, Karla Homolka is now a free woman. On July 4th, 2005, She left the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison north of Montreal where she’s been for the past month and within two hours was giving a televised interview with Radio-Canada. While she claims she was a victim of her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, forced into participating in the gruesome acts she committed, and that she feels remorse for what she’s done, she’s demonstrated outstanding acting abilities in the past.

In response, Paul Bernardo, himself serving a lift sentence for his part in the murders, requested that he be allowed to speak to the media as well. That request was denied, but he did manage to relay a message through his attorney. The message? That it was Karla who insisted they kill their victims, that she tried to kill one girl by embolism (injecting her with a syringe full of air), and that she strangled both girls.

Meanwhile, Karla has moved into an east-Montreal neighborhood where the residents seem, so far, content to leave her alone.