Homolka Soon to be Released

Karla Homolka has served her entire 12-year prison term in what has been called a Deal with the Devil. At first it was believed that Karla was a victim of spousal abuse, forced by her husband, Paul Bernardo, to take part in the rape, torture, and murder of two schoolgirls. That’s certainly the way she skillfully portrayed herself. And prosecutors believed her. In exchange for her testimony, they agreed to reduce the charges against her to manslaughter. Only after the deal had been signed did investigators discover several video tapes the couple had made of their attack on the girls.

The tapes told a different story.

Karla was not the victim she claimed to be, but a willing participant in the girls’ murders, and in the rape and death of her own sister, and in the rape of another young girl, never publicly identified.

Homolka is due to be released in the first few days of July, 2005.