The Devil is sentenced to Death

In a video tape he made of himself raping and torturing a 9-year-old boy, Joseph Edward Duncan III yelled at the boy, “The devil is here, boy, the devil himself. The demon couldn’t do what the devil sent him to do so the devil came himself. The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry.”

Today, in Boise, Idaho, U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge sentenced Duncan to death on the recommendation of a jury who watched the video Duncan made of his crime.

Duncan, a convicted pedophile, still faces another death penalty for the murder of the boy’s mother, her fiance, and the boy’s 13-year-old brother, and for the kidnapping and rape of the boy’s 8-year-old sister.

He’s also charged with the 1997 murder of a young boy in Riverside County, California, and is suspected in the murders of two girls from Seattle, Washington.