This Ogre is no Shrek

Monique Olivier says her husband, Michel Fourniret, is the “Ogre of the Ardennes,” a French serial killer responsible for the murders of at least ten young women.

She should know; she’s confessed to luring many of the victims into her husband’s hands.

Fourniret has likewise confessed to several murders, nine to be exact, although he denies any involvement with the 1990 rape and murder of Joanne Parrish, a British student who taught English in France. Parrish is one of the women Olivier says she helped her husband kill.

French authorities believe 65 year-old Fourniret may have murdered as many as thirty people since 1987, at least some of those with the help of his 59 year-old wife. Both husband and wife will stand trial in Charleville-Mezieres.