What does it take to convince you?

26 years ago, Judy Wicker hires a man to kill her husband, Troy Wicker Jr. She serves 10 years of a life sentence. Thomas Arthur is convicted of carrying out the actual murder and is sentenced to death. But Arthur insists he’s innocent and claims DNA testing will prove his innocence. He requests the tests be performed.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley refuses to order the tests.

Twice Thomas Arthur’s execution is put on hold.

Today, Thursday, July 31, was to be the day the execution would finally be carried out. But on Monday, July 28, another man, Bobby Ray Gilbert, makes a sworn statement confessing to the murder of Troy Wicker. Gilbert is already serving a life sentence for a different murder.

In the light of Gilbert’s confession, the Alabama Supreme Court postpones Arthur’s execution again. But they did so by a narrow margin, in a 5-4 vote.

Another man confesses to the murder and four of those “Justices” still want to go ahead with the execution?!